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How to find the right retreat for you

  • Georgia Westley

    Georgia Westley

  • 9 June 2023

  • Wellness Trends

How to find the perfect retreat for you ☀️

Read below Georgia's experience booking her first ever wellness retreat via The Retreater.

mykonos windmills

To say I was nervous about going on my first retreat would certainly be an understatement.

Once I’d decided I wanted to try my first retreat I started to google and wanted to use a platform where the retreats had been vetted first so I knew I could trust the trips! I found the perfect retreat in the fitness retreats section on

group retreat in mykonos

On the day I was looking, The Retreater had roughly 15 fitness retreats and about 5 in Greece in the month I was hoping to go away in. I loved the feeling of curation on the site and also that I wasn’t overwhelmed by choice! I also checked the reviews on The Retreater from previous guests which were very positive.

group workout in mykonos retreat

My first wellness retreat was in Mykonos back in 2021. I booked as a solo traveller and opted in to share a room with another solo traveller who I met on the retreat. I remember feeling a little nervous as I had never experienced a group holiday with strangers before and had only ever travelled solo once for a city break to Rome.

mykonos retreat pool luxury venue

It was also my first time traveling abroad since the pandemic so was feeling a little anxious about the traveling. However, I did not need to worry in the slightest. The team running our retreat made me feel welcomed and built a warm, friendly dynamic within the group very quickly which encouraged conversations straight away.

boats from above in mykonos

For me, the morning workout and yoga class followed by brunch outside really lifted my mood and helped me recharge. I’ve since made it part of my morning routine to move my body when I wake up and get some time outside before work.

boat trip in mykonos greece

Some of my most loved memories and friendships came from that retreat. Though I initially booked a wellness retreat to relax and refocus on my training, the community I left with has had the biggest impact on my wellbeing.

This retreat actually runs every year and you can see all of the listings on The Retreater here. Or contact their team to ask any more detailed questions!

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to book a retreat, The Retreater is a great platform to find the right retreat for you whilst being part of an amazing community.

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If you would like any support with your search, you can contact our team here!

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