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Why You Need to Visit Madeira on a Retreat

  • Natalie, The Retreater Founder

    Natalie, The Retreater Founder

  • 14 March 2023

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Madeira is having a moment right now. This Portuguese island which is situated just off of the coast of Africa, is a hidden gem when it comes to wellness retreats. It boasts a gorgeous blend of natural beauty, warm weather, and tranquility that really makes it an ideal destination for an escape.

At The Retreater, we've seen a big demand for retreats on this stunning Island and we wanted to tell you why we think that is and what trips we have upcoming for you to experience the beauty yourself!

Here are some reasons why Madeira is a great place to go on a wellness retreat:

  • Natural beauty: Madeira is an island where there are so many stunning landscapes to see at every corner. It's home to green forests, natural waterfalls and tons of picturesque hiking routes. These natural wonders provide the perfect backdrop for a wellness retreat, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and reset the batteries.

  • Climate: Fortunately Madeira enjoys warm temperatures year-round, making it a great destination for a wellness retreat any time of the year. The climate is also perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, yoga, and meditation, allowing you to connect with nature and improve your overall health and wellbeing on the go.

  • Healthy food: Madeira is known for its fresh, locally sourced food. The island is home to a real variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish and seafood. This healthy and delicious cuisine is perfect for those looking to improve their diet and overall health. On the island you'll have the opportunity to try their signature espetada, beef brochette; battered black scabbard fish, which is quite similar to sword fish; bolo do caco, grilled limpets; and bolo de mel (a dense sponge cake with nuts and spices) - you'll certainly leave with lots of food inspo!

  • Relaxing atmosphere: Madeira has a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for a wellness retreat. The island is typically free of large crowds and noise that a city break would usually come with, allowing you to truly disconnect from the stress of daily life and focus on your wellbeing.

Overall, Madeira is an ideal destination for anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. With its natural beauty, warm climate, healthy cuisine, and relaxing atmosphere, Madeira provides the perfect backdrop for a transformative wellness retreat.

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Check out our upcoming Madeira retreats:

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