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Why You Should Go on a Retreat

  • Natalie, The Retreater Founder

    Natalie, The Retreater Founder

  • 1 November 2022

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Today we're joined by Jackie, a wonderful customer of The Retreater, who is on a mission to 'try new things at 52.' We thought Jackie's story was inspirational and a fantastic reminder that it's never too late to try new things. This year Jackie decided to try a fitness retreat! Read her solo retreat review below:

jackie in greece in the sun

Why did you choose to go on a Fitness Retreat?

I've always wanted to go on a Fitness Retreat. This year my opportunity came and wow, EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS. I booked my own room, as personally I'm not comfortable sharing with strangers, it's a personal choice. I took part in all the activities, I did try yoga once, but it's just not for me. You have to find the things you like, everything is optional on retreats!

Do not let your age, size, ability and the fact you are a solo traveller stop you, I absolutely loved everything about it!

people walking to the beach

What were your main highlights?

My highlights were definitely the Beach Boxing, Beach Circuit Training, Hiking. I met some amazing people, every background and age. Trust me, Fitness Retreats are not all filled with the 'perfect body, beautiful people.' It was filled with your everyday person. People who have that 'give it a go attitude.'

Will you go on another retreat?

I will 100% go on another one, yes, they are expensive, but I can assure you, it really was worth it.

pool in ibiza

What would you say to someone who was hesitant about going on their first retreat or thinking about going solo?

Don't doubt it, don't overthink it, don't worry about who else is going, just, book and GO! If I can, absolutely anybody can!

Over the past few years, more and more people have chosen to travel alone. Between 2015 & 2017, solo travel bookings increased by 42% (TravelDailyNews). According to a survey of female solo travelers, 46% said that the feeling of freedom and independence drives their decision to travel alone. Another 22% said they don’t want to wait around for other people, while 15% of respondents claim that solo travel is a way to challenge themselves and gain confidence.

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