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This retreat is FOR YOU if you are looking for a way to: - deepen the love you have for yourself, and finally start blossoming into the beautiful woman you are - stop making false compromises with men and the world, and finally choose YOU - discover who you truly are, and honor yourself on a whole new level - stop the self-betrayal you've been cultivating for way too long, and start putting yourself first - finally listen to your heart's deepest wisdom and desires, and discover your needs and boundaries - stop the anxiety you experience when it comes to love, and instead start building safe and loving relationships These 4 days with Aleah & Ismaele will change the way you treat and honour yourself. As a result of important internal shifts, you'll directly see changes on the outside, and in how men and people treat you. During our time together you'll learn what it means to choose yourself first, and how much easier it becomes when you do so. Say goodbye to unmet needs and false compromises or breadcrumbs when it comes to love. Bring the love back into your heart, and reclaim the pieces you have lost along the way. We love to open our house to do this sacred work with women who are ready for an experience with high impact (since there is a max. of 5 spaces available only). The way Aleah & Ismaele work is truly trauma-informed, highly intuitive, and always based on unconditional non-judgmental love and consent. Our mission is to give you an embodied understanding of what authentic and healthy love feels like within you. If you resonate with what we are offering, please feel free to reach out to us, and we can hop on a call to discuss if participating in this retreat is of your highest interest. For us, integrity always comes first, it's what we stand for in The Royal Path. We've chosen the dates in alignment with direct flights from London to Perugia with Ryanair. Book early so you can profit now from low flight prices. We'll pick you up from Perugia Airport and can't wait to take care of you during these life-changing four days. Lots of Love, Aleah & Ismaele


1Day 1

10:00AM - 6:00PM

Arrival Day: Intention Setting & Gentle Opening To The Process On your arrival day you'll get to set your intentions for this process, and slowly land in our safe and calming space. You'll enjoy an inviting gentle ritual and some powerful exercises that will help you open yourself up to your process ahead. 12.00: Initiation Ritual 14.00: Lunch 16.00 - 19.00: First Session 19.30: Dinner

2Day 2

6:00AM - 7:00PM

First full day: The Keys To Master Self-Love Today we'll be exploring what it means to truly love oneself, and what the components are to make that possible. We'll also uncover your love signature, and close the gap between anxious and safe attachment styles. 07.30: Warm Lemon Water 08.00: Celery Juice 08.00: Gentle yoga & prayer practice 09.00: Breakfast 10.30: Morning Session 13.00: Lunch 15.00: Afternoon Session 18.00 - 19.00 Relax 19.00: Dinner 20.30: Night Session

3Day 3

6:00AM - 7:00PM

Second full day: Boundaries & The Wheel Of Consent Today we'll look at the importance of healthy boundaries and mutual consent. Through various teachings, practices and exercises you will get a good understanding of how being ruthless with your boundaries and consent you'll feel much safer in your own body. 07.30: Warm Lemon Water 08.00: Celery Juice 08.00: Gentle yoga & prayer practice 09.00: Breakfast 10.30: Morning Session 13.00: Lunch 15.00: Afternoon Session 18.00 - 19.00 Relax 19.00: Dinner 20.30: Night Session

4Day 4

6:00AM - 7:00PM

Third Full Day: Feminine Pleasure & Sexuality Your pleasure and your sexuality are sacred, and it's okay to make requests for what you need and desire. Female/Male pleasure and sexuality are fundamentally different. Only once you understand that you're not wrong for what you are asking or desiring can you start living a fulfilling sexuality. 07.30: Warm Lemon Water 08.00: Celery Juice 08.00: Gentle yoga & prayer practice 09.00: Breakfast 10.30: Morning Session 13.00: Lunch 15.00: Afternoon Session 18.00 - 19.00 Relax 19.00: Dinner 20.30: Night Session

5Day 5

7:00AM - 11:00AM

Departure Day: Today you'll enjoy a beautiful breakfast, a closing circle and a quick tour to Assisi, one of the most beautiful "borghi" in Umbria with its incredible Cathedral and view over the Umbrian Valley. We'll then bring you pack to the Airport and give you our last goodbye.

What’s Included

  • Healthy delicious Italian food

  • All workshops, practices, sessions & meditations

  • Exciting rituals (with our signature Royal touch)

  • Pick-Up From Perugia Airport

Not Included

  • Travel to and from Perugia Airport

  • Travel Insurance



Caroline from London

January 2022

This retreat has just been magical. It has exceeded all my expectations. It's a life-changer, and I have done a lot of work on myself, a lot of healing. But this is off the scale. Aleah & Ismaele are so gifted. I feel I have finally learned how to love myself, and not necessarily need the outside to help me do that. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough. It will change your life!


Namaya from Amsterdam

September 2021

I feel so much more depth in myself as a lot of hidden and unseen old stories, feelings and imprints were released from my body. Aleah knew perfectly how to guide me there and the space to do that felt very safe. I found myself grieving on a much deeper level and I realised that I am now better able to fully feel and I love it! It is such a gift and a blessing Aleah was able to take me there.


Béatrice from Zurich

September 2021

For the very first time in my life I actually felt part of a group. I have been working with Aleah for quite a while and the transformation has been incredible. Over time I was able to redefine what I consider as feeling worthy and let go of my ice-queen defence mechanism. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t actually a weakness after all, it has become one of my super powers.


Lilian from Estonia

September 2021

In this work I came to realise that I too have a longing to be accepted, understood and seen for who I am. In order to do that I needed to let go of the fear of being rejected and judged and allow others to actually see me and let them in. This included for me to grieve the loss of the love I always wanted to have but was denied as a young girl. Through that vulnerability I have found even more courage to make life happen the way I truly desire to and am very excited about that!

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