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Empower New Year Retreat | Bali

About The Retreat

An extraordinary week divinely crafted to empower and transform every facet of your being. Light yourself up from within. Dive into inspired, revitalising and restorative yoga, movement and meditation practices. Quality rest, creative journaling, loving conversations, nature, spaciousness, laughter, quality connections and simply bliss out. All enhanced by the stunning surrounds of the unspoilt east coast of Bali. Empower yourself to intentionally embrace your most effective, well, inspired, thriving and light self on all levels. into 2024.The self will liberate the self. Reflect upon and establish your connection to your worth, value, beauty, intelligence, inner wisdom and ever-evolving nature and capacity. Refining your relationship to self and understanding what it means to empower and embody, using this as a way to stay present, evolving, loving and thriving in all experinces of life. ​ It is time to release the massive buildup of stress that you have normalised from living in these deeply transformative times… We need this, come join us. We will spend this generous week together exploring the potency and efficacy of our own: personal power and overall direction and luminosity. Becoming luminously empowered, committed to ourselves, life, and our passions and purpose that is pulsing in our hearts and souls. Alongside HOW to begin to articulate, express, and stay connected on an ongoing basis. ​ Including 3 Workshops entitled: CONNECTED, WISDOM and WORTH. An experience divinely crafted for you to be taken on a journey deep into self, to feel what you need to feel, to release and surrender what no longer serves, and heal what you need to heal. Your host, Anastasia is so excited to spend this time with you. Set at the stunning and luxurious Komune, on Bali’s east coast, voted one of the top 5 beach clubs in Asia.


1Day 1

7:00PM - 8:00AM

This is a loose itinerary. This will be more formulated closer to retreat. Please get in touch if you have questions prior to booking. Daily Sunrise Morning Yoga & Meditation + Early Evening Restorative Yoga & Meditation There will be 3-4 workshops over the 7 days of between 1-3 hours in length Plenty of spare time to rest, lounge, swim, play, and take extra spa treatments and more. NOTE: we don't advise scheduling tourist trips during the 7 days. We would tag on an extra several days pre or post-the retreat. We can advise of alternate accommodation suggestions in and around Bali.

What’s Included

  • Daily Sunrise Morning Yoga & Meditation

  • Evening Restorative Yoga & Meditation

  • 3x Inspirational & Practical Workshops to establish an inspired and thriving self

  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner to Close Retreat

  • 8 nights Luxury Accommodation @ Komune Resort

  • Balinese Welcome Blessing

  • 1x Welcome Luxurious Traditional Balinese Massage

  • Delicious Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Fire Rituals

  • Water Purification at Sebatu Holy Spring

Not Included

  • Airfares

  • Optional tips for room maids & drivers, gratuities (we generally pool at the end and give it to the whole team to be shared)

  • Personal phone calls

  • Transfers: Approx $35 USD each way. (organised for you)

  • Travel Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

More about your host?

Mother, integrative coach, healer, retreat facilitator and the creator of Resonance Yoga, a unique and reverent blend of movement, meditation, mantra, and breathwork that encompasses 20+ years of study and experience. Anastasia has been teaching and guiding students since 2003. From art galleries to yoga studios, she has run classes, programs and events everywhere from New York to Bali, and Hong Kong to Sydney. Her weekly practices can be found in the RISE Wellness membership. Anastasia brings a masterful and much-needed blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences, a nourishing and effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Anastasia's work has attracted media coverage in leading titles such as: Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, CosmoBody HK, AsiaSpa, Prestige Hong Kong, Sassy HK and Liv Wellness magazine.

Can you tell me more about Resonance Yoga?

Weaving the elements of movement/asana + rejuvenating breath + mudra + micro movement, stillness, organic movement, mantra/sound/vocal vibration + rhythm + meditation, together invigorating and enlivening the flow of the intelligence, wisdom and life force throughout your entire being. An incredibly generous, restorative and revitalizing practice for your body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. Nourishing the connections of wholeness, clarity, and expansion. Opening the meridians (energy channels) and removing all blocks in the body. A powerful combination for the body, mind, and emotions to experience detoxification, strengthening, and revitalization. Activating and strengthening the body's self-healing capacities. Each practice plays with rhythmic movement and rhythms and paces and vary in physical intensity from class to class. From the stillness to dynamic each practices fortify, strengthens and nourishes your overall resonance.

Can my partner, or my children come too?

Yes, of course, we welcome it. Partners, Families, and Children are Welcome: Placing the retreat at Komune opens up the opportunity to travel with your partner, family, and children with options for all. Contact me directly to discuss pricing options. Partners, family, and children are free to use the resort's amenities all day, every day. There are also great day trips and excursions that can be facilitated through the hotel or jump on a scooter and head out for a day of exploring at your will. Children: Kids Club (Free Range Kids) is open 7 days with two sessions a day for small people wanting to attend the classes with activities including kite making, face painting, treasure hunts, Balinese dress-up, and more. There is a fully monitored skate bowl and trampoline complex and many other organic activities. Alongside this, there is a nanny or babysitting facilities. These are all at incredibly reasonable rates. Please contact me personally for additional rates.




January 2019

This retreat was a leap for me. Traveling to Bali from the UK on my own to engage in a group I'd never met, to practice yoga I'd never done. Scary stuff. It was THE BEST decision I’ve made for myself. Anastasia’s attention to detail is amazing, an unforgettable experience. Lean in, be vulnerable, you’ll learn so much about yourself, a journey to nourish the best version of you! Forever Grateful!



January 2019

Anastasia’s Retreat was by far the best retreat I have been to so far! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the passing into a new time making new intentions for myself. It really opened me up, not only to myself but to others also. I became way more sensitive, aware and felt connections like I had never felt before. Opportunities like this do not come about often! Grab it with both hands!



January 2019

Anastasia’s retreats are sublime. Anastasia brings passion, love & wisdom, holding a powerful & sacred space for transformation and renewed connection with the Self & Life. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share in the courage, love, vulnerability & surrender. Giving myself the space to fuel my vision with clarity & new energy. Re-connecting with the part of me that is eternally Joyful!



January 2019

Anastasia’s Retreat was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Every single day since Bali I’ve used the skills I’ve learned to focus and manifest my best life. I can’t think of a better way to reset then to go on this retreat. The hotel Komune is exquisite, and the range of healthy food was wonderful. Giving this experience to yourself is a must.

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