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Escape The Noise Experience. This is a more than a retreat, more than a spa weekend and more than a day at the beauticians. You are about to have a life changing experience! Talk about LUXURY, Wellness and Peace Of Mind. Previous guests have felt relieved and a sense of healing during their stay, to the point where they have shed tears, in the same breath have had great laughs and conversations freeing! This is why you need the secure your place today! 3 nights are curated to perfection by experienced, high-end event planners in partnership with the best Health professionals, beauticians and instructors to put you at ease during your stay. Planned with attention to detail for the betterment of people who attend. Your ticket is all inclusive! You do not need to spend an extra dime once you arrive, everything is taken care of by our in-house staff. These are some of the treats you are in for: - A Private Chef, serving healthy meals which will meet your dietary requirements each day. - Serene location and a room with a breath-taking views to stay. - Luxury 50 minute facial by a qualified beauty aesthetician. - Mental Health Workshop with a mental health and Reiki Practitioner. - A Stretch Class and and Nutrition Workshop with a Transformation Specialist. - A Stress Relieving and knot untangling back massage. And so much more! This is the time to take time out for yourself, it's prioritising your health and practising self love. For any enquiries contact or call/whatsapp 07366012123


1Day 1

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Tour, Settle In, Break the Ice

12:00PM - 13:30PM

Planned Lunch With Chef

01:30PM - 15:00PM

Midday Dosing / Midday Refresh: Personal time to rest and recuperate in your room.

03:00PM - 16:00PM

AM ETNE Intention Talk

04:00PM - 18:00PM

Scenic Walk / Team Games

06:00PM - 19:30PM

Planned Dinner With Chef

07:30PM - 21:30PM

Melt Down Movie Night (Subject to Movie)

2Day 2

08:00AM - 10:00AM

Breakfast Intention Circle

10:00PM - 11:00AM

Freshen Up - No Make-Up needed

11:00AM - 13:00PM

Spa Treatments: Rotation between Facials, Massages and Jacuzzi/Sauna

01:00PM - 14:30PM

Light Two Course Meal

02:30PM - 16:30PM

Spa Treatments: Rotation between Facials, Massages and Jacuzzi/Sauna

04:30PM - 18:00PM

Midday Dosing / Midday Refresh: Personal time to rest and recuperate in your room.

06:00PM - 19:30PM

Light Dinner with Chef

07:30PM - 22:00PM

Games Night with cocktail making.

3Day 3

08:00AM - 21:00PM

Morning Stretch with Transformation Specialist

09:00PM - 22:00PM

Breakfast and Nutrition Workshop with Transformation Specialist

10:00PM - 11:00AM

Create a natural, Organic Face Mask with a meditation and reflection session.

11:00AM - 13:00PM

Planned 2 course meal with Chef

01:00PM - 15:30PM

Skincare Product Treasure Hunt

03:30PM - 17:30PM

Sip & Paint De-stresser Class

05:30PM - 18:30PM

Freshen Up / Refresh for dinner

06:30PM - 19:30PM

Planned Dinner With Chef

07:30PM - 21:30PM

Do Not Disturb Rest

4Day 4

08:00PM - 22:00PM

Breakfast & A Moment Farewell Gifting

What’s Included

  • Private Chef

  • Stretch Class

  • Back Massage

  • Nutrition Workshop

  • A room with a breath-taking view

  • Mental Health Workshop

  • Unlimited Food & Drink

  • Sip & Paint De-stresser

  • Spa Day

Not Included

  • Nail Technician




April 2022

I enjoyed meeting new people and escaping from the hustle and bustle of London as well as the massage & Yoga. I was so revived, refreshed and healed from this experience. The Spa Day actually made me a little emotional, the back massage was exceptional!!



April 2022

I went with my friend, I'm so glad I told her about it! What I enjoyed the most about the Experience was the facial and body treatments, sip & paint class and yoga with the fitness instructor. I am very particular with how I eat, I am also on a gluten free diet and I was catered to in the best way by the chefs! The hosts and staff were very pleasant and helpful whenever I needed something. I would recommend this Experience over and over again!!

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