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Bali Re-balance Yoga Retreat

About The Retreat

Our re-balance Bali Yoga Retreat isn't just a getaway... It's a chance to decompress, recharge, and find serenity in the heart of the jungle 🌴 Experience a tranquil space dedicated to your well-being, where you can truly switch off. Step into a haven where peace and harmony are not just words, but a feeling that envelops you. Imagine waking up in the heart of the jungle, where each sunrise is a symphony of nature's melodies. Lush tropical plants as far as the eye can see, rice paddies stretching out, and the sweet scent of incense hanging in the air. Picture yourself rolling out your yoga mat in the most magical of settings. The most breathtaking yoga space in which to unwind, tune in, and allow the most incredible transformations and memories to take place. The most magical of spaces, surrounded fully by jungle views and the sounds of nature all around us. What better way to switch off and unwind and tune inward? Deepen your practice through daily Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, and Pranayama practices in the morning and evening. Make the most of my 13 years of teaching experience to really elevate your movements and experience. Take home practices that you can weave into your day-to-day life after the retreat. It is my goal that you carry the lessons you discover on the yoga mat into your life off the mat as well. We will eat together in the morning and evening as a community, enjoying freshly prepared, locally produced, organic, nourishing food for our souls. Guaranteed to create a sense of well-being from each individual bite. A daily coconut in paradise! Create new rituals, make time for a daily walk through the rice paddies, exploring new practices within yoga. Enjoy cultural tours and activities. Make friends with people from all around the world, who immediately feel at home as you are like-minded souls. Make time to read those books that have been gathering dust at home, and listen to the sounds of nature all around you as you relax by the pool. Enjoy endless self-care opportunities through the yoga practices themselves but also our exploration of sound healing and the spa within our retreat venue. Imagine how you'll feel to explore your breath and body moving in sync for 6 whole days together and how wildly grounded and inspired you feel in each and every practice. Now visualize how your mind and body feel after gifting them this time to recharge!


1Day 1

6:00AM - 7:00AM

An example of a day in the life of our rebalance retreat: Optional Early Morning Pranayama

7:00AM - 8:30AM

Vinyasa/Morning Yoga Flow

9:00AM - 10:00AM

Breakfast Brunch – healthy and nurturing options suited to all dietary requirements

11:00AM - 2:00PM

Free time to swim in the beautiful pool, read, enjoy the spa, walk through the rice paddies, take a trip to the magical town of Ubud itself, enjoy our cultural tour as a group, experience a Balinese Boreh or Jamu class

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Afternoon cake in Botanist Restaurant

5:00PM - 6:00PM

Evening Yin Yoga class/ Masterclass Experience or Sound Healing Experience

7:00PM - 9:00PM

Buffet-style healthy dinner or meal at a chic restaurant in Ubud + Optional evening Yoga Nidra or meditation We begin in the afternoon of the 5th of May with a welcome ceremony and a coming-together practice, followed by a community meal together at our beautiful retreat venue.

What’s Included

  • 2 nourishing meals daily - breakfast and dinner, all locally sourced and organic

  • Twice daily yoga classes - vinyasa, yin yoga, slow flow and pranayama

  • Sound healing adventure

  • 6 Nights accommodation

  • Specialized workshops

  • Free excursions to sites of interest

  • 1 hour massage

  • Cultural tour to explore magical Bali and the mystical landscape

  • Local experiences - including making Bali's famous Jamu healing drink!

  • Wifi connection

  • Transfers into Ubud from resort venue

Not Included

  • Flight costs

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa Fee

  • Airport Transfer

  • Additional activities not included in itinerary

  • Additional treatments in Spa

  • Lunch is not included

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack?

✨Yoga clothes (plenty of changes as the weather is warm and we will move a lot!) ✨Swimwear ✨Sarong and towel ✨Comfortable shoes as well as relaxed flip-flops ✨A light cardigan or jumper for cooler evenings ✨Loose comfortable clothing - dresses, t-shirts, shorts, wide-legged trousers, etc ✨Travel plugs ✨All medicine required (do not rely on local pharmacies to match your international products) ✨Mosquito spray (can be bought locally but deet could be handy in the evenings) ✨Thin waterproof layer ✨A yoga mat is provided within the shala. If you want to practice in your villa then please bring your own.

What is the weather like in May?

Weather in Indonesia can be split into two seasons - wet and dry - with warm tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during the day, throughout the year. In most regions, the dry season spans from May to September, with the rains falling between October and April.

Are solo travelers safe/welcome?

Absolutely, we welcome solo travelers. You are safe and welcome. Much of our time will be spent in proximity to the other retreat guests and all excursions will be the same.

What style of yoga will be taught?

We will cover Vinyasa, Slow or Mellow Flow, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and meditation. I have a passion for anatomy-informed practices so expect to learn a lot about your body as we flow, and become your own best teacher. I will adapt all classes to who is in the classroom, so you can feel comfortable that each class will have something for all levels of experience.

Do I need to be super experienced at yoga to join?

Not at all, we will be a multi-level group with a wide range of experience. I will teach to everyone in the classroom and offer options as needed to suit you. There are a diverse range of styles of classes being taught as well, so you will likely find those that you enjoy the most as we practice together :)




February 2020

Caroline is not only an excellent teacher but has the ability to create an oasis that is welcoming, relaxing and inspiring. Her unique style brings you into the flow with skill and grace. Can’t wait to practice with you again!



February 2020

Some of the best yoga practices I’ve had were in this amazing retreat with Caroline. The variety in classes and obvious knowledge Caroline has was very inspiring. So grateful for the wonderful experience….in every class, in every way!



February 2020

Caroline is fantastically knowledgable and inspirational. She shares her passion and enthusiasm for all things yoga with energy, enthusiasm and patience. Highly recommended for all levels!

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