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Yoga and Hiking on the Isle of Skye

About The Retreat

Sometimes we forget that we have such vast landscapes in our own country and that we don't have to go abroad to find the wilderness. Nestled away at the top of our own land we find the most expansive and vast wild spaces. It was in Scotland that I fell in love with the mountains and being out in the wilderness alone. It can really make you feel small and insignificant and put your troubles in perspective. Join Laura your host on an amazing adventure to discover the 'wyld' child. Touching the parts of your soul that you have forgotten about for too long. Reawakening the parts that have been sleeping and rekindling the embers that are longing to burn bright once more. With yoga, walking, laughing eating and sleeping we will touch on what it means to treat self care as not only a luxury but a necessity.


1Day 1

7:00AM - 9:00AM

Sample Day: Morning Yoga

9:00AM - 10:00AM

Brunch - a hearty wholesome post yoga brunch to get you on your way

11:00AM - 3:00PM

Out and about on the Island. Trips to the fairy pools and gentle hikes around the island. This retreat is beginner to intermediate on the walking front. Expect hikes of around 2-3 hours with some inclines and stunning scenery

3:30PM - 5:00PM

Healthy evening meal with wonderful chef John Angus and Nicola Orr - these two will loving create the most mind blowing, colourful, delightful cuisine that looks too good to eat.

7:30PM - 8:00PM

Evening Meditation to help ease you into a deep slumber

What’s Included

  • Yoga daily

  • Hikes with stunning view

  • Brunch and Dinner

  • Accommodation on the Isle of Skye

  • Meditation sessions

Not Included

  • Transfers to the airport

  • Flights

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this retreat women only?

No, this retreat is for women and men with open minds who enjoy laughing and being in nature.

What level is the yoga / fitness?

This one is mainly beginner / intermediate level. If you wish to go full on mountain climbing then this can be arranged but the group activities will be gentler than that. You can expect walks of 2-3 hours with some incline but they won't be too challenging.

What shall I bring?

A good rain coat! It is Scotland after all. Good walking boots Waterproof trousers Water bottle Warm layers A yoga mat / travel mat (there will be a few there but please check) Cosy socks and a shawl for meditation / shavasana

Do you provide transport?

No. You have to get yourself to the venue. We will help out and introduce people who wish to share lifts etc.

Are the activities inclcuded?

We break the cost down so you can see what you are paying for the room / food and what you are paying for the activities and hosting. We like to be transparent in the costings and keep the prices down to make it more affordable for all.




December 2019

I have been on a number of yoga retreats led by Laura Grace. Her respect and care for every individual is tangible which helps create an inclusive and support environment. Laura Grace has a dedicated personal yoga practice. She has learned from, many leading yoga teachers. From this great breadth of knowledge and experience Laura Grace is able to customise her teaching.

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